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Hi! My name is Patrick Naughton. I am a digital marketing consultant with over ten years experience of driving business success for SME’s and multinational enterprises through multi-channel digital marketing strategies.

Whether you are looking to drive brand awareness, increase sales or launch a digital transformation project, I will work with you to develop and implement a digital strategy that achieves your goals and delivers ROI for your business.

Patrick Naughton

Digital Marketing Consultant

Grow your customer base, drive online sales and achieve your growth targets with a range of digital marketing services.

Digital Strategy

Envision, articulate and deploy digital as a business strategy across your organisation.


Increase traffic, leads and sales via your website by appearing in search engines for the keywords, images and videos most relevant to your target audience.

Paid Media

Drive brand awareness, leads and sales through PPC advertising, sponsored content, display ads and video ads.

Social Media

Drive customer engagement, conversion and retention through customised social media services.


Analyse, visualise and improve digital marketing performance and deliver a greater return on investment for your organisation.

Content Marketing

Increase your brand affinity, generate a pipeline of leads and sales and build long-term customer relationships through content marketing.

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