100 Free Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is ever evolving. To keep your digital marketing skills sharpened, I have compiled this list of free digital marketing resources that contain the very latest digital marketing tools, techniques and trends. I hope you find this list useful. Enjoy!


  1. Moz Learn SEO– This is the definitive guide for SEO newbies from the market leading inbound marketing software, Moz. The guide covers everything from keyword research, to duplicate content to link building.
  2. Neil PatelFor the latest in digital marketing trends and insights
  3. Webmaster Tools Blog – The Google Webmaster Tools blog is vital for keeping up to date with the latest search engine updates. Get Google’s latest news on everything from rankings factors to spam penalty updates.
  4. SEO – As the name suggests, this blog is primarily focused on SEO. Get news on the latest SEO techniques and tricks of the trade.
  5. Cyrus Shepard– Cyrus is a regular contributor to the Moz blog. His blog contains SEO experiments and advanced SEO techniques.
  6. Gray Wolf SEO– Excellent resource for all areas of SEO – from website speed optimization to thoughts on the future of SEO.
  7. Kasier the Sage– Based in the Philippines,  Jason Acidre is the man behind Kaiser the Sage. His blog offers advice on advanced SEO topics such as link building and on-site SEO development.
  8. Yoast SEO– Yoast have developed the number one SEO plugin for Wordress, Yoast SEO. Their website contains a comprehensive guide on beginners and advanced WordPress SEO. A “must read” if you are using WordPress as your CMS of choice.
  9. Traffic Travis– Another blog by an SEO software company. This blog contains advice on SEO competitive research link building, video SEO and on-site SEO.
  10. SEO Book–  This blog covers all elements of SEO including advanced SEO techniques, interviews with industry experts and advice on the latest Google algorithm updates.
  11. Matt Cutts Blog–  While not every blog is about SEO or Google, it is worthwhile keeping an eye on his the Matt Cutts blog for algorithm insights.
  12. Majestic SEO Blog – The Majestic SEO software is part of my regular SEO toolkit. Their blog has some excellent advice on technical SEO, link building and tips on using their software.
  13. Screaming Frog Blog– Screaming Frog is a tool that helps SEOs analyse web page URLs,  meta descriptions and titles, canonical tags and indexation. Their blog is a great resource for advanced technical SEO techniques.
  14. SEO by the Sea– Advanced SEO resource on everything from Google algorithmic factors, updates and SEO development.
  15. Built Visible blog. – I love this blog as it gives you a different perspective on SEO. Always creative and engaging writing, well worth subscribing to the Built Visible blog.
  16. Local SEO Guide – Looking to learn about local SEO? The Local SEO Guide does exactly what you think!
  17. Advanced Web Ranking – Advanced web ranking provide a tool for monitoring your keyword positions in SERPs. Their blog contains SEO advice but also covers other areas of digital marketing such as content, social and paid advertising.
  18. Blumenthals Blog– Mike Blumenthal is some what of a local search legend in SEO circles.  His blog on local SEO and Google+ local is a must read for any marketer who wants to get into the local SEO arena.
  19. Bright Local– Excellent resource to learn local SEO tactics.
  20. Woo Rank Blog– The Woo Rank blog provides SEO tips for small businesses.
  21. Search Engine Round Table– Small bursts of SEO and search engine news. Great for keeping on top of the latest Google penalties and algorithm changes.

Content Marketing

  1. Copyblogger – One of the best resources for content marketing on the web. Copyblogger covers all aspects of content marketing including advice, tools and training.
  2. Contently–  here you can learn about content marketing and the techniques used to excel in the content marketing field.
  3. Content Marketing Institute– Find events, blogs and content marketing training on this website., 
  4. Content Marketing World– Read up on content marketing strategy and also tap into industry expert interviews and blogs.
  5. Digital Sherpa– I have found some excellent tips in this blog from Digital Sherpa. Other topics also include social media and SEO.
  6. Snapp App Blog – Excellent advanced content marketing techniques. Blogs post cover content production, syndication and reporting.
  7. Problogger– As you would expect, blogging is the primary topic for Problogger. They offer tips and tricks to help you become a better blogger.
  8. ViralNova Interesting website for idea generation. 
  9. Bored Panda – Another website to watch for story telling and scripting. The post are always interesting, visual and emotionally engaging.

Video Marketing

  1. Reel SEO–  This blog should be an essential read if you are interested about video marketing and SEO. Some excellent advice, guest blogs from industry experts and practical tips on video marketing.
  2. Video Blog Marketing – Video guides on the practical side of video marketing.
  3. Vimeo Blog – Vimeo is one of the largest video hosting platforms on the web. Their blog is useful for keeping up to date with technology trends and updates.
  4. YouTube Creator–  Industry news from YouTube, the worlds second largest search engine.
  5. Animoto blog The Animoto blog provides creative ideas to produce and edit videos. If your stuck for ideas head over to Animoto for some Inspiration.

Social Media

  1. Social Media Examiner–  this site is one of my favorites for keeping up to date with social media news, strategy and advice.
  2. Razor Social–  Razor Social is fronted by Ian Cleary. His blog gives some excellent practical advice on social media tools, plugins and strategy. It’s a blog with bundles of character!
  3. Social Media Today– Social Media Today covers all areas of social media including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.  More general digital marketing posts have crept in lately but the focus is still on the social media arena.
  4. Sprout Social– . Sprout Social contains detailed, practical guides on how to use and engage with social media. A great place to start in you are new to social media.
  5. Official Facebook News– Facebook news and development.
  6. Google+ blog – News and updates about Google +
  7. Official Pinterest Blog– Pinterest has grown to become one of the largest photo sharing platforms on the web. Keep up to date with Pinterest news right here.
  8. Official Twitter Blog– The official Twitter blog will keep you up to date on Twitter design and feature updates.
  9. Official LinkedIn Blog– Tune into the official LinkedIn blog for new platform features, tips on profile and company pages and b2b marketing.
  10. Media Bistro–  Blogs primarily on Twitter and Facebook.
  11. Mashable–  Mashable is an excellent website for social media news, industry events and all things social.
  12. Hootsuite Blog– Hootsuite provide one of the coolest social media scheduling software on the market. Their blog provides tips on using their software and general advice on getting more fans and engagement though social media.
  13. Inside Facebook – Inside Facebook provides you with Facebook company and platform news.  Topics covered include Facebook ads, optimisation, creatives and budgeting. 
  14. Social Media Explorer –  My favorite blog for keeping up to date with social media trends. Blog topics are timely and offer practical advise on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.
  15. Sociable Blog – Social media news , events and strategy.

Email Marketing

  1. Ezine– The Ezine blog has regular posts on email marketing strategy. Excellent resource to learn about email marketing.
  2. Mailchimp– The resource  area of Mailchimp has intensive guides on email marketing. A great place to start for email marketing newbies.
  3. Newsweaver–  Excellent email marketing resources for beginners and advanced marketers.
  4. Get Response –  The Get Response blog has information on email marketing, social media and conversion rate optimization.
  5. Vertical Response – Find tips on email marketing design, optimising content for emails and email marketing conversion rate optimization.

PPC /Adwords

  1. Adwords blog– The Google Adwords blog is the essential place for all Adwords products news. It’s Vital to  subscribe here to keep your finger in the Adwords pulse.
  2. Google Adwords Developer Blog– Up to date information for Google Adwords developers.
  3. PPC Hero –  Daily blogs on all elements of PPC, including budgeting, strategy and account optimisation.
  4. Wolfgang Digital– Wolfgang are flying the flag for Ireland. Their blog post are wonderfully engaging and always provide an insightful read. Check it out for a window into  into all aspects of Adwords and digital marketing.
  5. Wordstream– Advice from Larry Kim and co – a must read blog for Adwords strategy.
  6. Certified Knowledge– Beginners to advanced tutorials and advice  on Google Adwords related subjects.
  7. Free Adwords Scripts – If you are running Adwords campaigns scripts can automate some of your work. This site provides free scripts to download.

Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Smart Insights–  The Smart Insights blog features weekly industry contributors. The posts contain advice on all elements of digital marketing strategy. Check out their training videos and resources areas for up to date digital marketing techniques.
  2. Hub Spot– Hubspot have perfected the art of content marketing. Check out their blog for topics that you can adopt in your daily digital marketing strategies.
  3. eConsultancy–  eConsultancy provide insights into the latest digital marketing strategy techniques.
  4. Seer Interactive–  Digital marketing strategy advice on Adwords, social media, email marketing a content.
  5. Distilled– Excellent digital strategy advice from the UK.
  6. ViberChill–  I was in two minds about adding Viber Chill to the list. You can pick up some good digital marketing tips but you need to sieve through some ego bashing content before you find it.
  7. Koozai – Very useful digital marketing blog with information on strategy  and campaign optimization.
  8. Search Engine Land–  A constant source of information on all types of digital marketing, but with a particular focus on SEO.
  9. Entrepreneur–  Combines practical digital marketing and business’s advice.
  10. Raven Tools –  Raven Tools are a market leading digital marketing tool provider. Their blog provides excellent resources on digital strategy and practical advice on using their software.
  11. State of Digital –  Digital marketing  industry news
  12. I Pull Rank–  ­The I Pull Rank blog describes itself as “The Best Practice Blog”. I wouldn’t disagree. Michael King provides excellent post on everything from SEO to content marketing to digital marketing strategy.
  13. Convince and Convert– This blog has been voted number content marketing blog in the World by the Content Marketing Institute. Why don’t you check it out and see what all the fuss is about?


  1. Avinash Kaushik  – How you ever seen Avinash Kaushik give a presentation? They are inspirational and funny at the same time. (you’ll understand once you watch one) Check out his blog, podcasts and videos for truly insightful advice on Analytics and conversion rate optimization.
  2. Google Analytics Blog–  Keep up to date on everything Google Analytics. Important for a new features that Google intends to roll out.
  3. Blind Five Year Old–  Advanced analytics  techniques.
  4. Kissmetric– The Kissmetrics blog provides marketing, analytics and conversion rate optimization guides. Practical advice that can be applied to e-commerce sites, corporate websites or blogs.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

  1. Crazy Egg– Crazy Egg provide some cool eye tracking software. Their blog offers insights into conversion rate optimization best practices.
  2. The Web Psychologist–  Thought provoking guides, podcasts and and blogs about web psychology. 
  3. Unbounce– Unbounce are a constant source of conversion rate optimization inspiration. Their blog provides examples of landing pages that rock and suck.
  4. The Landing Page Course– Brought to you by Unbounce, this user friendly course is a must for anyone looking to get their landing pages converting like crazy.
  5. Qualaroo– If you are new to conversion rate optimization check out this guide.
  6. Conversion Love– Love the title of this site! It does what is says on the tin. Find out how to get more subscribers, users, & buyers with conversion optimization.
  7. Omniconvert – E-commerce conversion rate optimisation blog., 
  8. Conversion Rate Experts– Guides on conversion rate optimization.


  1. Practical E-Commerce– This site covers everything from e-commerce  business strategy, conversion  rate optimization  and SEO.
  2. Shopify Blog– Shopify provide an e-commerce platform for retailers looking to sell products online. Their blog includes advice and tips on how to sell more online.
  3. Hubspot E-Commerce– Excellent blog about e-commence SEO, optimisation and strategy. 
  4. Magento Blog–  A must read blog if you are using Magento as your platform of choice. But, the Magento blog also offers advice to any e-commerce manager or owner.
  5. Big Commerce–  E-commerce optimization advice, tricks and tips.
  6. E-Commerce Fuel – Check out e-commerce Fuel for guides and training on E-Commerce.

Other Useful Resources and Websites

  1. WordPress– Keep up to date with the latest news from WordPress. Useful for security updates and plugin hacks etc.
  2. Joomla Forum– Excellent resources and access to a Jooma community.
  3. Seth Godin – Seth Godin is a household name in the world of digital marketing. Check out his blog for insightful thoughts and general digital marketing banter.
  4. Ted Talks– Watch a Ted talk when you need to get inspiration. Full of ideas, creativity and technological jargon; you can’t help but feed off the energy and enthusiasm of Ted talk speakers.
  5. Buzz Feed Stuck for content marketing ideas? Check out the weird, wonderful and addictive articles on Buzz Feed.
  6. Tumblr Blogs– Tumblr is an excellent platform to get design and content ideas. There are endless seas of Tumblr blogs to search through…just keep an eye on the clock 🙂
  7. Google Developers–  Keep up to date with any Google developer updates.

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